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A Few Simple Hacks to Skyrocket Your TikTok Views

Nov 15, 2022
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It’s easier than you might think to rise to the top on TikTok - even if you’re just starting out. TikTok, in fact, especially favors beginners.

Keep reading below to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Understanding the Algorithm

Now, only the developers know what really happens behind the scenes. They protect their secrets from the public and are constantly updating their algorithms.

However, there are still a few ‘TikTok hacks’, if you may, that are common knowledge to get quick exposure from a large audience.

TikTok Loves Beginners

You may have heard this one before and it's completely true. When you create your first video and publish it for the first time, it’s likely to land on the recommendations list. Use hashtags to increase your chances. 

There is a downside though. If your first video isn’t a hit, it will be harder to gain exposure to your content further down the line. If you need some ideas, look at what’s trending to get inspiration.

Put maximum effort into your first videos.

TikTok Boosts Your Views

TikTok is aimed at attracting and retaining new users. And it thrives on new content.

This is why your first videos get a ton of views in the beginning. The algorithm encourages new users to create more content by using bots to boost your initial view count.

TikTok Promotes Active Users

TikTok’s algorithm favors the most active creators. Post as much as you can and consistently. 

Coming up with new content every day can be hard, so don’t burn yourself out! Try creating a content calendar in advance so that you can keep pushing out consistently without running out of ideas (or burning out).

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A few universal tips:

  • Use well-researched hashtags. This is how the algorithm exposes your content to your target audience.
  • TikTok prefers videos of real people. Abstract content rarely goes viral. Shoot videos of yourself or other people. The algorithm gives preferences to content with people in the center.
  • Interact with other TikTok users: subscribe, comment and react to other content. This shows the algorithm that you have interests and you’re not a bot. In return, it gives you more exposure.
  • Don't hide your videos from other TikTok users. The algorithm doesn’t like it.

These are some basic tips that will help you get started on TikTok. 

The most important tip is that your content needs to be very quality if you want to get a lot of views. 

Follow trends and use your intuition. Try enjoying the process of creating on TikTok as much as you can, and you’ll more likely get the inspiration you need.  

Just so that you know, TikTok is not the only social network with algorithms that help creators get large audiences. Paysenger works on similar principles. The advantage though is that Paysenger allows you to earn money through direct sales and not just content marketing and advertising.

Here’s an example of how it works:

On Paysenger, you get paid for taking content requests from other users. Users send you detailed requests to create videos. Each time you deliver a  satisfactory video as per their request, you get paid in return. 

The money comes directly from your fans and audiences. No sponsors or advertisers involved.

In addition, the content people purchase from you is partially also owned by you.

So if someone’s video idea that you produced for them goes viral, both of you get rewarded in return. Paysenger automatically promotes high quality content and shows it on the top of the trending list. 

Trending content can also earn awards and cash prizes. You can even earn money by liking posts or participating in events!

What do you think about these TikTok hacks? Just write in the comments!

Jun 25, 2024
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