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6 Tips on How to Go Viral on Paysenger

Sep 29, 2023
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How do you go viral on Paysenger? The platform is designed for new content creators looking to earn money and build their followers.

Traditional social networks like Instagram and YouTube have made many successful content creators. However, luck plays a very important role when it comes to going viral on these platforms.

A lot of creators who might have excellent ideas often get overlooked just because their content doesn’t get promoted by algorithms. Also, your influence and amount of existing followers also matters. However, by using Paysenger – a newer social platform designed to give equal chances to all creators, you can go viral quicker and easier.

Requirements to go viral on Paysenger


Paysenger is a social marketplace that offers a plethora of monetization tools to content creators. It’s a Web3 built on the principles of complete internet decentralization. This means that the platform is completely free from biased algorithms or political agendas. The probability of you going viral depends entirely on your level of creativity.

Small creators on Paysenger have the same chance of going viral as influencer celebrities with big followings. There are no eligibility requirements and anyone can get started by creating an account.

Not to mention that you also earn money by producing viral content that can be reinvested into further promoting your profile. There are no minimum requirements to become eligible for monetization either.

How many views do you need to go viral on Paysenger?

There’s no rule for how many views you need to go viral. Virality on Paysenger is not just measured with the number of views. Other factors such as post engagement levels and monetization revenue are also taken into account.

Also – creators with existing followers are not given any advantage over others. So your chance of going viral on Paysenger depends entirely on the quality of your content and creativity.

Paysenger also encourages people to give likes and reactions to your videos by rewarding them with tokens for each interaction. This boosts your engagement levels and allows you to go viral faster.

With that being said, here are 6 tips on how you can make a video or post go viral on Paysenger.

6 Tips to Go Viral Using Paysenger

Paysenger creators

Just like on traditional social networks, you can post relatable photos, memes, write compelling texts or even audios on Paysenger.

The difference is that everything you post on Paysenger is monetized (even if it’s not a video) and you can earn EGO tokens for getting likes and reactions. The more engagement you get, the more you can earn and reinvested into growing your profile.

So how to make a post go viral on Paysenger? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can go viral and the tools that are available at your disposal.

1. Make content for a specific category

Paysenger creators categories

As a creator on Paysenger, you can register a profile in a niche of your choice. This helps people find you and based on their interests, discover your content as well.

By focusing on a specific niche, you can find a dedicated fanbase that loves your content. The more committed your fanbase is to your content, the more they will want to share your content with others. 

When you create content in one particular niche for long enough, you eventually learn about people’s likes and dislikes.

2. Make relatable content

Viral content is usually down-to-earth and authentic. Paysenger is like a place where a big group of people is at a party and having conversations. Your goal is to make the party more interesting with your unique content that immediately grabs everyone’s attention.

On Paysenger, your entire profile could go viral depending on what kind of service you offer. For example, Kevin Smith is a hand balance performer and Guinness World Record holder on Paysenger who takes challenges from his fans and other users for $10.  

Post on Paysenger

Another cool thing about Paysenger is that you can go viral as an “idea maker”. Even if you are not a content creator yourself, you can pay other creators to make content based on your ideas.

When the content goes viral, you will also be entitled to earn monetization revenue or NFT royalties if the piece of content gets sold on the marketplace.

3. Collaborate with others

On-demand content on Paysenger

Influencers are constantly bombarded with spam and collaboration requests from all over the internet. It takes a lot of time and effort to even get their attention.

However, if you have a great content idea, you can easily send a paid request to an influencer on Paysenger. Collaboration is much easier that way. All you have to do is send a paid request and describe your ideas.

This way, you can immediately get anyone’s attention since you’re paying for the request. Of course, the influencer can always accept or decline the request (in which case your money will be returned to you).

4. Promote your profile

Visioneer Vibes profile on Paysenger

Paysenger allows you to promote your profile by using tokens that you earn for posting regular content. If you have great content and people give you a lot of likes and reactions, you can earn EGO tokens on Paysenger for it.

These tokens can be reinvested in your profile to promote it. Or you can also start entire hashtag challenges and offer tokens to others for joining your challenge.

5. Go viral using Paysenger’s gamification features

Daily tasks on Paysenger

Paysenger’s tokenized economy is designed to help you go viral quicker. Your fans and audiences are sent daily tasks and notifications to interact with your content.

These people are not only notified whenever you post something new but are also rewarded with cryptocurrency whenever they complete tasks such as giving likes to your new post, leaving comments, sharing, and so on.

The system automatically boosts your engagement and allows a lot more people to see your post on the internet. This increases your chances of going viral if your content is truly viral-worthy.

6. Make a lot of videos

Beauty blogger talking makeup video

Video is one of the best content formats. It’s not only enjoyed by your audiences but can also hold their attention for the longest amount of time.

But how do you make a video go viral on Paysenger? Follow these simple tips:

  • Make your videos short and sweet. The attention span of an average internet user is much shorter than it used to be. A short video of 15 to 30 seconds should deliver as much value as possible in a few seconds.
  • Always open with a hook. Your goal is to hold their attention for as long as possible. But if you take too long before you get to the point, they will scroll away to another one in the first few seconds. The opening should immediately grab their attention.
  • Make a lot of videos. Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually a shortage of content on the internet. People’s content consumption has grown so much over the years, that the internet is constantly hungry for something new. And thanks to the short-form video format, now people can consume hundreds of videos from hundreds of creators in a very short amount of time. To compete with intense competition, you must create a lot of videos on a daily basis.

7. Post regularly

Frequency is key on any social network. By posting regularly and consistently, you stay relevant in the minds of your audiences. Moreover, Paysenger rewards you each time you post. The more you post, the more tokens you can earn, which can be reinvested into promoting your profile and going viral.

Tokens can also be redeemed for real-world currencies which allows you to invest more money into improving your content. The biggest issue for most new creators is that they don’t have enough time or resources to work full-time on creating content.

On Paysenger, you can have a constant stream of income by being consistent. You not only earn monetization revenue but also income from paid requests from fans and sponsors as you start frequenting their news feeds.


It’s true that luck plays an important role when it comes to going viral on social media. Some of the most viral videos we’ve seen in the past were the most bizarre, so you never know what works and what doesn’t.

However, if you follow the right steps and use the right tools, you can go viral much more reliably and predictably. Paysenger is a new platform that fixes the deficiencies in current social media, so you can go viral in a much more scalable way.

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Looking to go viral as a content creator? Use Paysenger that automatically manages monetization and content promotion for you. It not only collects payment from audiences, but also pays them to give likes and comments to your work. This allows you to get financial support and promotion on the internet without spending any thought or money on marketing.

Free yourself up from mundane tasks and focus on what you should be spending all of your time and energy on – creating new content. 

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