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Paysenger October Monthly Updates

Dec 02, 2022
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Hello everyone!

It is time for monthly updates from this October.

We are happy to announce new achievements, better features, and updates on activities we performed in the past month.

Let’s get started!

News from Paysenger


In October, we attracted 10 times more new monthly users as compared to September. In November, we are planning to hit the 100,000 new users per month.

User activity on the platform also increased. In September, we had 0.27 likes per user. At the end of October, we reached 4.5 likes per user. Over the past three months, the time spent by users on Paysenger has tripled. User’s deposits are also increased by more than 7 times compared to September.

NFT Marketplace

One of the most important announcements in October is that Paysenger’s NFT Marketplace is ready to get launched.

The NFT Marketplace works in tandem with Paysenger. In addition to buying and selling NFTs, you can order content from famous creators on Paysenger and turn it into NFTs.

Moreover, you can also order music, videos, photos, and much more from Paysenger Creators, and everything has the potential to be sold as an NFT. Of course, you can now easily collaborate with others and promote new projects all in one place!

In just a few clicks, you can buy, sell and trade NFTs on the platform. You also get access to NFTs created by us that can also be traded on other major marketplaces.

Paysenger Champions Program Crew3

Another important announcement is the launching of the Crew3 community.

Crew3 is a platform that helps Web3 communities drive growth and engagement by turning their members into contributors. With Crew3, community members compete for the leaderboard’s top spots and get instant rewards by completing quests.

Paysenger Community Members can participate in simple quests that help further expand our reach and increase our user base. These quests can be anything from sharing a Paysenger tweet or writing an article (if you’re an aspiring writer) about Paysenger!

Most of the quests are directly related to the Paysenger app.

Each participant will earn XP for performing tasks. Members with the most XP win rewards and special roles in our community!

Top Content

We released a new feature on Paysenger. A new system that ranks the best content on the platform.

Top content is evaluated by the number of likes it gets. And at the end of each day, you can check who gathered the most amount of likes. You can also see which users topped the charts by gaining the most reactions of all time.

Profile post

You can now create and post your content on your Paysenger profile. We recommend using Profile Posts as a portfolio to show other users what you offer. Give others a glimpse of your talents and content. The best posts will appear on the top of the feed and also get a chance to participate in reward distribution.

Paysenger Community


We have launched 4 different contests on our social accounts with prize pools of $1075:

Paysenger Creators and Experts

We have continued our weekly column #PaysengerUsersIntroduction where we introduced 5 talented creators and experts on Paysenger, who can help you to improve your skills:

Takina Scott
Takina can help you craft expert resume cover letters, college essays, fictional pieces, website copy, landing pages, and much more! Also, Takina is great at coaching. Learn from her the art of mindfulness, meditation, and spirituality.

Stepan Gaponov
Stepan, a vocal teacher, created an account on Paysenger to teach aspiring students the art of singing. He helps students improve their technique and create a repertoire of songs that touch hearts.

Gurudatt Shenoy
Gurudatt Shenoy is a meditation teacher. Contact Gurudatt on Paysenger and learn how to meditate using his experience.

Shannon is an NFT designer and now. Ask Shannon all of your questions about the world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

Darina Efel
Darina Efel is a fashion enthusiast and a student of the French School of Style and Minimalism. If you are interested in the latest fashion trends, contact Darina on Paysenger and ask her how to become a Minimalist Fashionista.

Paysenger Team & Events

Team interview

We did 4 separate interviews with our team members. You can check them out to learn a bit more about Paysenger, our specialists, and our future goals:

LinkedIn Live Event

We keep having informative live events on LinkedIn.

In one such event, we talked about Demystifying NFTs and Intellectual Property in the Future. We aim to clear any confusion you might have about NFTs, irrespective of your technical background and knowledge of crypto, the Metaverse, or NFTs.

We had two guest speakers at this event:

Guy Majewski
Guy is a professional lawyer and Crypto enthusiast. He’s passionate about crypto, DeFi, and tech. He also has extensive experience in NFTs and crypto projects.

Sanki King
Sanki King is a Pakistani visual artist working professionally since 2005 and in Feb ’21 exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum. He is passionate about new technologies and now works as a blockchain advocate and an independent advisor on NFTs and the Metaverse.

You can always rewatch the event by following this link!

Offline Events

Our team members visited several major “offline” events in different countries:

  • Blockchain Economy Summit, Dubai.
  • Crypto Expo, Dubai.
  • XT Anniversary, Dubai, Singapore.
  • Trade Expo, Indonesia.
  • World Blockchain Summit, Dubai.

Paysenger Application

Paysenger has become better in the latest updates.


  • Verified user icons
  • Banners on the creator’s page
  • Fixed errors when loading the creator’s page
  • Keyboard glitch on the Search Screen
  • Response Feed
  • Transaction format in the Balances screen
  • Modified profile posts and added option to select post/request type
  • Fixed errors in the display when the user navigates quickly through the application
  • Uploading avatars
  • Curtains (creating a profile post/request)
  • Profile card design
  • Fixed view more button
  • Audio mute from third-party apps when switching to Paysenger
  • Bugs when navigating to a response card from the feed
  • Profile picture bug
  • Return to the previous screen when creating a requests
  • If there is no connection, the “no internet connection” window opened repeatedly
  • Inability to follow links in profile descriptions
  • Repeat communication in “Connections”
  • Video not opening in full screen
  • Video not opening from the request card
  • Empty balance after receiving tEGO for the first time
  • The continue button disappears when running out of funds
  • Tooltip overlaying on Profile Post screen
  • Inability to change the country of residence
  • Slow video download speed


  • Information windows about how tokens are credited
  • Microphone permissions
  • Navigation between tabs (in home screen navigation)
  • Prevention from double click (when responding to responses, creating responses, sending chats or comments)
  • Decreased duration of video segments, decreased size of video segments from 4.6MB to 0.8MB. Now the video download speed is six times faster than before.
  • Added Loader at the end of the list
  • Implemented smart feed version with time and likes
  • Top content
  • Double-Tap-to-Like
  • Increased tap area on profile cards
  • The “Ready to publish?” Profile Post pop-up now has a checkbox to not show the pop-up again in the future
  • New categories in Content Filters
  • Changed the visual design of the cards
  • Tap on the navigation buttons to scroll to the top
  • Loading animation at the end of the feed
  • The page displays 5 cards at a time
  • Custom pop-ups
  • Updated UI in the response card


  • Removed sorting on subscriptions/subscribers screen

The Paysenger ecosystem continues to evolve as we incorporate new features and launch bigger campaigns.

Follow us on our social media.

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Best regards,

Team Paysenger

May 17, 2024
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