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How to Make Money on Twitter: 7 Working Strategies

Jul 14, 2023
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Making money on Twitter works a bit different from YouTube. You do have the ability to place ads on your videos and earn ad revenue but that’s usually not the biggest source of income for most creators.

That’s because Twitter is not a video platform like YouTube. Although videos are known to boost engagement by 33%, most people still come to Twitter to enjoy threads and conversations.

How Do People Make Money on Twitter?

Twitter Monetization

Twitter, just like any social platform is a place to gather a following and exert influence through your unique opinion, expertise, and content.

When it comes to monetization on the internet, your influence and viewership are the two most important assets because they allow you to earn money in many different ways.

Although YouTube was among the first to introduce standardized ad-based earnings to the masses through its Partners Program, creators on the internet have been monetizing their influence for a long time.

Monetization on Twitter is similar to blogging:

  • You attract followers by tweeting regularly and putting out great content.
  • Become an influencer in your niche.
  • Earn money by using your influence to sell products and services.
  • Or you can offer your Twitter profile as ad space for others by promoting them in your tweets.

There are many ways to do this. Let’s take a look at Twitter monetization step by step.

1. Create a Top-Notch Twitter Profile

First things first. Before you start putting out content, you must create a legit Twitter profile so people don’t think you're spam.

Most importantly, use your bio to tell people who you are so they know what niche you specialize in. People who liked your tweets and are interested in what you do will hit the follow button.

  • Add a high quality profile photo.
  • Write a bio that tells people what you do and what to expect from you.
  • Mention your location and website so you look legit.

Marquess Brownlee twitter account

2. Grow Your Followers

A lot of marketing websites suggest using Twitter bots and software to grow your following. Unless your followers are genuine, you won’t be able to get the benefits of having a big following.

Twitter’s algorithm gives more exposure to profiles that have real engagement. Your content must be liked by real people and they should react to it in a genuine way.

It’s true that you need to post frequently to stay relevant in Twitter feeds. However, you can’t only rely on organic outreach. 

Twitter is a very competitive space with 500 million tweets per day. If you’re a new or medium size creator, you must combine your efforts with content creator platforms like Paysenger to get followers fast.

What’s Paysenger?


Paysenger is a social marketplace that offers you a host of tools to grow your following on the internet (not just on Twitter). Here are some of the tools you can use to grow as a content creator:

  • Create-to-earn economy. Not everyone has money to promote their social profiles. On Paysenger, you earn EGO tokens (the platform’s native cryptocurrency) for posting high-quality content. These tokens can be reinvested to promote your profile and drive traffic to your Twitter account.
  • Influencer collaborations. After you earn EGO tokens, use them to pay any influencer on Paysenger for a shoutout on Twitter or to create content in collaboration with you. This gives you access to their followers and sends traffic to your account.
  • On-demand content. Similarly, collaborate with other content creators, brands, and sponsors. Earn tokens for creating content for them and reinvest those tokens into your profile to grow your followers. Rinse and repeat.

Of course, you can always turn EGO tokens into US dollars (or another currency of your choice) by withdrawing them to your real-world bank account.

Top 4 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

In addition to using Paysenger’s monetization tools, there are also other time-tested ways to turn your tweets into cash. Let’s break them down one by one.

1. Sell products

A Twitter account with a lot of followers and highly engaged audiences is basically free advertising space not just for you but also for other brands and companies.

If you have a product or service to sell, you can use your Twitter account to promote it. This can include digital products like eBooks or courses, or physical products like t-shirts or merchandise.

Here’s an example of MKBHD selling his own merch:

By the way, if you don’t have your own merch yet, here’s a guide on how to create your own merch and sell it.

2. Sponsored tweets

If you don’t have any plans to sell your own products or services, you can always promote other brands and sponsors. Twitter requires you to use a #sponsored hashtag if you got paid to endorse a product or service in a tweet.

Here’s an example:

Most content creators who have less than 500,000 followers get most of their income from sponsored posts. Good thing about sponsors is that you can get your first deal even if you have as few as 2000 followers.

Brands generally favor niche influencers over macro-influencers for sponsored posts because they tend to have highly-engaged and narrow audiences.

You don’t necessarily need to wait for a sponsor to hit you up. You can be proactive by reaching out to sponsors directly on Twitter or Paysenger.

Paysenger has less “noise” overall and you can instantly get a sponsor’s attention by paying for a direct message.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products and services from other companies and earn a commission on any sales that result from your promotion. You can share affiliate links on your Twitter account and earn money if your followers use those links to make a purchase.

By agreeing to become an affiliate, brands can offer discounts and promos to your audiences for using your unique affiliate link. 

In order to find affiliate products and services to promote, use affiliate networks like ShareASale and CJ Affiliate.

Here’s an example of affiliate marketing in action:

4. Monetize your videos

Just like YouTube, Twitter also allows you to place ads on video content. To do that, you must meet the eligibility requirements.

Here’s how to enable monetization via Amplify Pre-roll on Twitter:

  1. Go to Media Studio.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Monetize this video.
  4. Select a relevant category in How would you describe your video?.
  5. Use Exclude tags if you don’t want the video to be shown in certain categories.
  6. Use Exclude advertiser @handles if you don’t want certain advertisers to show their ads on your videos.

Amplify Sponsorships allow you to pick a few brands to partner with whose ads you’d like to show on your content.

  1. Create a new tweet in your Library.
  2. Select Monetize this video.
  3. Select a package from the Monetization program dropdown list.
  4. Use Exclude advertiser @handles if you don’t want certain advertisers to show their ads on your videos.
  5. Hit Tweet to publish your monetized tweet.

Similarly, you can view your monetization status and total earnings from within the Media Studio library. Go to Twitter’s Help page to learn more about monetization.

5. Monetize using subscription platforms

Subscription platforms offer a vast array of features to monetize your Twitter following. Some of the most popular examples include:

  • Paysenger. Direct your Twitter audiences to Paysenger to send you paid requests for exclusive content, 1-on-1 chat sessions, special requests, and much more. Get paid each time you fulfill a request.
  • Patreon.  In addition to free content on Twitter, offer exclusive content to premium subscribers by selling memberships to your “patrons”. Patrons pledge a monthly fee to support you as a content creator.
  • Buy Me a Coffee. An alternative to Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee allows fans to quickly make small payments to you to “say thanks”. Good thing about this platform is that people can make payments without even creating an account.

Tips to increase your Twitter monetization success

Person holding an iPhone with Twitter logo on the screen

If you want to increase your chances of success with Twitter monetization, make sure to follow these tips:

Be authentic

Your followers want to see the real you, so be authentic in your tweets and promotions. Don’t go overboard on promotions and don’t forget about your brand values.

Provide value

To keep your followers engaged, you need to provide value in every interaction. Your content should provide real value to your viewers.

Engage with your audience

Don’t just put content. Respond to comments, ask questions, give shoutouts in live streams, and give your two cents in threads once in a while. Even Elon Musk does it:

Stay on brand

To maintain consistency and credibility, you need to stay on brand. This means sticking to your niche and avoiding topics that don't align with your brand.


Monetizing your Twitter account can be a lucrative way to earn money online. However, it requires careful planning, strategy, and execution. By following the tips and tools outlined in this guide, you can start monetizing your Twitter account and turn your tweets into cash. 

Looking to grow as a content creator? Join Paysenger and start building reliable income streams for your business! Sell on-demand content, grow your followers, turn your expertise into cash, participate in tokenized challenges, and much, much more!

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