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How to Become a Crypto Influencer and Make Money on Paysenger?

Sep 22, 2023
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Wondering how to become a crypto influencer on Paysenger? This guide will cover everything you need to know! The cryptocurrency market took some of its biggest dips in recent history with big lawsuits, market crashes, and various media attacks from all directions. But is the market really dead?

Statistics say otherwise. The overall cryptocurrency market is forecasted to show a 14.40% growth year on year from 2023 to 2027, with an expected size of $64.87 billion by 2027. The market is currently in a calm phase but experts agree that this is most likely due to FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

If people are FUD-ing (as Changpeng Zhao would say), they have every right to do so, especially after seeing the market decline in several crypto winters. 

But does that mean there’s no way to get fame and make money in the crypto market?

Of course not! Crypto is still one of the greatest money making instruments and the market is still ripe for the taking. It’s now a lot more competitive but that’s a good thing – that means the market is stabler than ever and you can earn big money as a crypto influencer.

What is a crypto influencer?

Crypto influencer

If you’re an expert in the crypto industry, then your job is to educate people and help them alleviate FUD. People will welcome a new voice and opinion that gives them actionable advice on how to make it in the market. You get rewarded for producing content that helps people understand crypto and make fruitful investments decisions.

A crypto influencer makes money not only through their content but also by getting sponsored by big crypto companies such as Binance for the promotion of their services.

Moreover, if you’re a true expert at crypto, people will pay you to teach them your craft and produce special on-demand content for them in exchange for recurring or one-time payments.

How to become a crypto influencer?


The first step to becoming a crypto influencer (or any influencer) is to have an active social media presence. This means regularly creating high quality content and doing self-promotion to attract people to your social media profile.

You might be tempted to go straight to YouTube or Instagram but remember this – these platforms are extremely competitive and you will need to spend a lot of time to build a following.

Plus all platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube prohibit to some degree any content related to cryptocurrency due to scams in the past. You can’t even run any ads or create any sponsored posts with the word or even a suggestion of “crypto”.

So how do you make it as a crypto influencer in 2023? Simple. You use a Web3 social platform that’s built with the core principles of full internet decentralization and free crypto transactions in its DNA.

Introducing Paysenger


Paysenger is a Web3 social marketplace where creators sell their expertise and content. It’s a place where people can openly post content to earn money and also grow their followers through a tokenized economy. Most Paysenger users support the idea of Web3 social media – a decentralized future of the internet where all content is promoted on a blockchain and monetized using cryptocurrency.

Paysenger trends

The amount of revenue paid to content is based on open public vote instead of algorithms and political agendas. Paysenger gives you full control over monetization and you can expect guaranteed results as long as your content is full of creativity and is enjoyed by the people.

For the first time, you don’t have to worry about algorithms or trends to bog you down. 

6 ways to make money as a crypto influencer on Paysenger

Here are 6 ways you can become a crypto influencer on Paysenger and start earning money:

1. Earn money for creativity

Paysenger EGO tokens

Paysenger rewards creators who produce content that engages audiences. It doesn’t matter who you are or how many followers you have, if your content is engaging then it will shine on public feeds and get the views it deserves.

The platform makes payouts using its utility token known as EGO, which is actively traded on popular crypto exchanges. You can not only exchange this token for a fiat currency of your choice but also use it to promote your profile, collaborate with other influencers, or launch full blown hashtag challenges. 

If you’re a crypto influencer, you are bound to find your target audience on Paysenger since a lot of the users are crypto enthusiasts themselves. The platform is still in its rapid growth phase so you won’t face as much competition as on YouTube or Instagram.

And not to mention that the creator economy on Paysenger is fully decentralized and ripe for your taking!

2. Sell on-demand content

Paysenger combines a number of monetization tools to make it easy for fans to support your work. 

Paysenger content on demand

By registering on Paysenger as a crypto influencer, you can offer exclusive content to your fans in the form of one-time videos. Fans and other supporters can sponsor your next video, or ask you to make a video specifically based on their request.

You get paid each time you complete a content request.

3. Offer subscriptions

After Paysenger’s latest update, you can even offer recurring subscriptions to your followers. If you have the resources to keep making exclusive and premium content not just on a one-time basis, you can offer your biggest fans a subscription to earn a regular stream of income.

Paysenger subscriptions

The platform is designed to give full control over monetization and content promotion to its users and creators by taking it away from big social companies and corporate advertisers.

By leveraging Paysenger’s subscription feature, you ensure a constant stream of income every month without needing to run advertisements that ruin the quality of your content.

4. Monetize your time and attention

All creators on Paysenger are experts in their fields. Users on the platform not only love consuming content but they also use it to connect with the top experts in crypto to get their advice.

Paysenger monetization

On traditional social platforms, it’s virtually impossible to connect with an influencer or content creator because these people get tons of messages in their inbox on a regular basis.

However, users can easily send you a paid direct message to immediately get your attention on Paysenger. Your time and attention is worth money, so it makes sense for others to pay for every message. This helps you filter out time-wasters and spam so you can focus on the audience base that truly values your advice as a crypto influencer. 

5. Work with sponsors


The paid request features on Paysenger are not only reserved for users. Brands and businesses actively use those features to quickly connect with content creators and influencers. As a crypto influencer, you can easily get contacted by other crypto influencers or brands that would like you to create content based on their ideas. This could be a shoutout or educational video.

Instead of contacting you on Instagram and then waiting for a response for days, brands on Paysenger send paid requests and immediately describe the scope of the request in the first message. You can always choose to accept or decline, and you get paid each time you fulfill a request.

6. Earn royalties from NFTs

Paysenger is a Web3 social network, which means everything on the platform – including content – is fully decentralized. This includes photos, videos, audios, or even text posts, literally everything you create can be minted into an NFT under your name.

NFT on Paysenger

This not only secures your ownership, but also allows others to own a “stake” in your content. When brands, other influencers, and other idea makers create content in collaboration with you, they not only pay the price to work with you but also purchase a stake in your content.

This piece of content gets minted into an NFT, and if the content goes viral, the earnings get split among all of the parties involved. If you create a post that goes viral as an NFT, people can later purchase it, promote it, and trade it on Paysenger’s NFT marketplace. 

You, as the original creator, earn royalties on each subsequent NFT sale indefinitely. Essentially, everything you post on Paysenger is potentially a digital asset.

How to use Paysenger?

Getting started on Paysenger is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Paysenger on iOS or Android (or try the Web version)
  2. Create an account.
  3. Link your social profiles.
  4. Set your pricing.
  5. Pick your profile category (so others can find you using search filters)
  6. Bring your audiences from other social networks to Paysenger using your profile link (so they can send you paid requests).
  7. Start posting content to attract more audiences.
  8. Take requests and earn rewards for every request you fulfill.
  9. Rinse and repeat.


Becoming a crypto influencer (or any type of influencer) on today’s social networks is extremely hard because of intense competition. However, remember that most big influencers on the internet are famous because they started early – when competition on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram was still low as compared to today.

You don’t necessarily have to compete with the big names on these sites. Start on a newer app where you can be one of the trendsetters who shape all the content that will be posted on the platform in the foreseeable future.


Looking to grow as a crypto influencer? Use a platform like Paysenger that automatically manages monetization for you. It collects payments for one-time content requests, pays you monetization revenue for posting viral content, and even takes payments from potential sponsors and partners.

Become an early adopter today to get more exposure (since competition is low at the moment). The platform is available to use for creators, idea makers, fans, and also idea makers/sponsors.

Try it for free on iOS, Android, or Web.

May 18, 2024
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