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How to Make Reels on Facebook for Maximum Engagement

Jul 07, 2023
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Facebook Reels is a feature that allows users to create and share short-form videos under 30 seconds long. Your followers can share your reels on their own Facebook page, in groups, on their stories, and on Facebook messenger chats.

The feature is similar to Youtube Shorts and TikTok and it can be a game changing tool for your brand if used properly. Reels are short, fun and snackable, which means they get shared often by your viewers and generally have a lot more impressions.

reels on instagram

Facebook’s algorithm shows Reels based on user interests. This means that the amount of reach you can get on them does not depend on your number of likes or followers. In most cases, your Reels have an equal amount of chance to be seen as Reels from famous accounts with millions of followers.

It all boils down to how engaging your Reels are and you can easily compete with bigger brands or influencers. In this article, we’ll show you how you can craft an effective Reels strategy to increase your visibility on both Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s get to it.

Where do Facebook Reels get shown?

Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, that’s why Reels on both platforms are linked. The only difference is that in order to comment on Reels posted on Instagram you’ll have to switch from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa.

However, just like TikTok and Instagram, Reels on Facebook are shown to people outside your friends and family so you can connect with more people.

On Facebook, Reels are shown pretty all over the app:

On the main Feed

Facebook reels

In Facebook groups

Facebook Supernatural community page

In the Menu

Facebook page Reels configuration on Facebook

Facebook wants as many relevant audiences as possible to see Reels. So it’s only natural that they’re shown all over the app across Facebook and Instagram.

How to create Facebook Reels 

Create facebook reel

Facebook makes it very simple to create Reels. It even gives you video editing tools right on its app. However, you might need a decent smartphone otherwise the creative tools might slow down.

  1. Open Facebook on mobile (make sure you’re using the latest version).
  2. Select Reels on the Feed page or select the camera button on the top right corner when viewing someone else’s Reel.
  3. Give permission to Facebook to access your photos and videos (if you haven’t done so before).
  4. Tap the Record button to record a new video.
  5. Or alternatively, select the photo icon on the bottom to pick a video from your gallery.
  6. It’s time to get creative! After adding a video, play around with Facebook’s creative tools: you can trim, apply filters, effects, or add captions and stickers to make your Reels visually appealing.
  7. Once satisfied, tap Next to write a description.
  8. Choose an audience for your Reel.
  9. Finally, hit Share Reel to make it public.

The process might vary slightly if you’re posting using a Facebook page. Check out the full tutorial on Facebook Business Help Center for more information on this.

Benefits of using Facebook Reels for your business or personal brand

Facebook profile screen on smartphone

Facebook Reels offer various advantages over conventional Facebook content creation strategies. Here are a few key benefits to consider:

Increased visibility and reach

Organic reach on Facebook has declined considerably over the years. Facebook updated its algorithm to prioritize content that offers “more meaningful interactions with family and friends”.

That means a direct decline in organic reach for everyone outside your circle including businesses, influencers and content creators.

Marketers saw a decline in organic reach by 20 percent in 2017 and then a whopping 55 percent in 2018. Facebook admits that organic decline is due to the fact that there’s just way too much content on the platform.

However, the visibility of Reels is determined by a completely different kind of algorithm. Facebook Feed prioritizes content from “real people” in your circle, while Reels shows short videos that you might find interesting.

That’s why Reels always get a lot more views and engagement than usual in-feed content. Also, Facebook’s algorithm is advanced enough to determine likes and dislikes of audiences.

So you can rest assured that your content will make it to the right audiences as long as you are consistent in your posting schedule.

Increased engagement

girls holding smartphones

Short videos are proven to get a lot more likes and comments than other forms of content. The average attention span on the internet has declined and people are much more likely to commit to a short fun-packed 30-second video than an entire article.

With more people watching your videos till the end, you are bound to get more likes, comments and even shares. People usually don’t want to bore others, that’s why you’re more likely to share a quick video with a friend than a long video or article that requires more time commitment.

And this is also why Reels get viral quickly because they’re shared by more people.

Reels are easy to make

An average YouTube creator tends to post once or twice a week because it’s hard work to make long videos. Reels on the other hand require less time and research, that’s why creators on average post several times a day.

In addition, you can become a Reels creator with just a smartphone and a ring light. It all boils down to your creativity and the uniqueness of your content.

Facebook Bonuses 

Facebook offers attractive bonuses to eligible creators for consistently making Reels. With Facebook's Reels Play Bonus Program, creators who meet the eligibility criteria can earn cash bonuses.

It's important to note that the bonus program is invite-only. Creators who qualify are notified through the Facebook app. As a start, you must have more than 1,000 Reel views in the past 30 days to qualify.

How to make Reels that set you apart

Teenage girl filming video of herself on mobile phone

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to get an invitation from Facebook’s Bonus Program to earn money from Reels. There are many ways to monetize them (discussed below).

Before you can think of monetization, let’s take a look at some best practices on how to make Reels that help you grow as a content creator.

Stay up-to-date with trends

Keep up to date with the latest trends on Facebook and use them to your advantage. By becoming a part of popular video trends and adding a touch of your creativity to them, you increase the chances of going viral. This exposure can help you reach a wider audience and attract more viewers to your Reels.

Don’t be afraid to experiment 

While following trends is important, don't be afraid to go in a completely different direction. Audiences appreciate content that stands out and displays authenticity and originality. Set yourself apart from other content creators by offering a unique perspective of your own.

Make visually appealing content 

Facebook revealed that the average attention span on mobile is just 1.7 seconds. If you can’t hold someone’s attention in the first 1.7 seconds they will scroll away to something better.

Your content must use great lighting, visually appealing colors, and compelling imagery to immediately draw people in. Don’t be afraid to use loud music and an element of shock especially in the very beginning.

Repurpose your content from other platforms

Success in Reels is all about having a consistent stream of content. If you’re already making videos for TikTok or YouTube, repurpose them into Facebook or IG Reels so they don’t go to waste.

Long YouTube videos, for example, can be turned into short clips to give a preview to new audiences. If someone likes the short clip, they are bound to head over to YouTube to check out your channel.

Remember: exposure on Reels does not depend on the number of followers you have. So, this is a very effective way to get more eyes on your YouTube videos.

ABC of Reels posting: Always Be Consistent 

hand is pressing the Facebook screen

Consistency is key when it comes to Reels otherwise people will forget you in a matter of seconds. Regularly posting new content not only ensures your followers remain engaged but it also tells Facebook’s algorithm that you’re a serious creator. 

Create a content calendar in advance so you always have time to think of fresh ideas and new content in store. 

Collaborate with other creators

Creative people have active discussion

Viewers love it when they see a familiar face on their screen. If you can put yourself next to said familiar face through collaboration, you will get extra exposure from completely new audiences.

This is a very common way to get more followers so a lot of people do it. This means that it’s hard to find a collaboration partner if you try to reach out to creators directly on Facebook, Instagram, or even email.

This is where a collaboration tool like Paysenger comes in.

What’s Paysenger?

Paysenger banner

Paysenger is a social marketplace where creators connect with sponsors, influencers, new audiences, and even other creators. 

The platform streamlines the entire process of creating content in collaboration with someone. To create a Reel together with another creator or influencer, simply:

  1. Download Paysenger on iOS or Android (or try the Web version)
  2. Explore new creators based on industry and expertise.
  3. Or find familiar ones by using the Search tool.
  4. Go to their profile.
  5. Send a paid video request.
  6. Describe your collaboration idea.
  7. Wait for the creator to make a video based on your idea.

Paid messages generally get instant attention from your target contacts. In addition, Paysenger also allows you to monetize content that you produce in collaboration with someone through tokenization.

Every view, like, comment, and share you get on a video pays EGO tokens to you and to your collaboration partner. EGO token is Paysenger’s native cryptocurrency.

Try it for free on iOSAndroid or Web.

How to monetize Reels?

Monetization on social media

Making money from Reels is different from earning ad revenue on long videos on YouTube, for example.

Since Reels are short, platforms find it difficult to place ads between them without hurting the viewing experience of audiences. Viewers tend to immediately skip to the next video if they find a video boring or unrelated to their quick entertainment sessions.

For now, the primary way for creators to earn money directly from Facebook is by joining the Bonus Program. However, as a content creator, it’s important to diversify your income streams by using third-party platforms.

Earnings from Facebook (or even from YouTube ad revenue) are generally low due to competition. It takes a very long time to grow and without a consistent source of income, most creators find it hard to break into the top 10%.

Use Paysenger

Paysenger also offers a number of monetization tools that allow you to turn your content into income. Here are some of the features that can be used to monetize Reels:

  • On-demand content: On Paysenger, sponsors and other creators can easily find you for potential collaborations. You get paid to create Reels based on other people’s ideas or to promote their products.
  • Paid messaging: If fans like your work, they can always reach out to you for an exclusive messaging session. Every message is paid and the interface designed to only send high-quality users your way who value your time and attention.
  • Tokenization: Reels can easily be repurposed and posted on Paysenger to earn EGO tokens. Reels that get a lot of engagement and views generally get more tokens. These tokens can be withdrawn to a real-world bank account.
  • Exclusive content: You can offer exclusive videos and content to paying fans. This generates money to support future work allowing you to grow as a content creator.

Use Patreon

Patreon is a subscription platform where you can offer exclusive content to your “patrons” in exchange for recurring payments.

Patrons are offered multiple tiers and each level of membership unlocks certain privileges and benefits. To increase your earnings on Patreon, you must already have highly engaged audiences on other platforms who will be happy to support you in your journey.

In the context of Reels, for instance, you can set up a Patreon account to take donations from patrons and create exclusive videos for them that are not available to free viewers. In addition, you can also offer behind-the-scenes footage, one-on-one meetings, and so on.

Use Ko-Fi

Ko-Fi is all about getting quick “thank-yous” from your viewers if they liked your videos. Although the platform does offer recurring payments like Patreon, it works a lot better if you’re not looking to commit to producing monthly exclusive videos in addition to your free content.

The platform makes it very simple for people to pay since users can simply open your Ko-Fi link and make a quick payment without even signing up.

Again, the best way is to diversify your income streams by combining elements of recurring payments as well as one-time paid requests on platforms like Paysenger.

Conclusion and final thoughts

Facebook user touch on love button in Facebook

Despite the intense competition on Facebook, Reels is probably one of the best ways to grow your online presence in the long run.

A strong following on Facebook and instagram is an important asset that will help you achieve your content creator goals. However, if you’re still new or a medium size creator, combine Reels with monetization platforms like Paysenger to get some monetary help along the way.

Also: follow the best practices in this article to create engaging content that sets you apart on any platform whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter.

Get a boost on your content creator journey by downloading Paysenger. Take paid content requests, find sponsors to fund your work, collaborate with other influencers, and create a closer, deeper connection with your audiences.

Try it on iOSAndroidWeb

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