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How to Become a Creator and Make Money on Paysenger?

Aug 25, 2023
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Looking to diversify your income sources as a social media influencer / content creator? You need to learn how to become a creator on Paysenger today. The social media landscape has evolved drastically over the years, giving birth to an entire creator economy expected to grow over $200 billion in 2026.

Content creators with a big following are not just entertainment figures anymore – they can cause entire riots and even make or break million dollar industries. No wonder brands and businesses place a lot of value on influencers, offering them big sums of money and many other perks to promote products.


Social platforms like YouTube and Instagram are well aware of this, and that’s why they’ve been integrating content creator tools to make it easier for brands to collaborate with influencers. However, as the creator economy matures, it’s becoming harder and harder for new creators to earn a livable income. Content creation is a full-time job and requires a lot of effort.

However, US-based YouTube creators on average make only a measly $4,616 a month. Note that US-based creators are the highest paid in the world, which means in other countries the earnings are much smaller in comparison.

The same holds true for other social platforms as well. So why do new creators make much less money than those who started early? The algorithm is partly to blame.

Social algorithms and their monopoly over internet monetization

Plaster statue of Apollo

New creators don’t have the same access to monetization as creators almost a decade ago. That’s because social media corporations have monopolized the creator economy and with it all monetization tools. Over 90% of ad revenue is paid out to just the top 1% creators and there’s a massive income disparity. These days, small to medium size creators have very little chance to scale their business and make it to the top.

The social media algorithms are designed to boost time spent and engagement on social platforms. Which means they are optimizing towards favoring creators who are “algorithm-friendly”, and those who have close ties to the platforms.

These are creators who have been producing content for a very long time, and have raised the barrier for entry for everyone else, especially in 2023. The reason social media companies can operate the way they do is because their businesses are based on a Web2 model. They have centralized control over user data and the flow of content. That’s why they also have the power to determine where the money goes to.

Introducing Paysenger


Paysenger is a Web3 project that incorporates decentralization, tokenization, and blockchain based economics into social media. It’s a create-to-earn platform where monetization is equal for everyone irrespective of geographical location, political agenda, race, gender, and content niche.

Since the platform carries out monetization using its native cryptocurrency called EGO tokens, payouts are made using a fixed set of rules on the blockchain. Content on Paysenger is also fully decentralized. Every piece of photo, video, or audio that gets posted on Paysenger gets minted into NFTs with its ownership assigned to its respective creator or co-creator(s).

The amount of views or engagement your content can get are not regulated by an algorithm, and your income is determined by the level of social impact your content creates. Not only that, users can actively “stake” tokens into a piece of content produced by other creators and earn royalties for it (even if they don’t take part in the creation process).

There are endless possibilities to monetize yourself and your content. 

So, how to become a creator on Paysenger?

Creators page on Paysenger

While it may sound complicated at first, as a user you can use Paysenger just like any other social network. The Web3 technology is designed to make it as easy as possible for creators to earn money for their content.

To start using Paysenger as a creator, follow these steps:

1. Download Paysenger on iOS or Android (or try the Web Version).

2. Sign up using email or social accounts.

3.  Fill out your profile details.

Fill in your profile page on Paysenger

4. Link a social media account to verify your identity.

Connect your accounts page on Paysenger

5. Go to Settings and then Categories and pick up to 5 categories (this will make it easier for others to find you).

Choose categories page on Paysenger

6. Go to Settings and under Earn configure offers and request types on your profile.

Media offers page on Paysenger

a) Paid chats allow people to send paid messages to you.

b) Media Offers allows people to request paid on-demand videos or images from you.

c) Membership allows people to subscribe to exclusive content.

7. Share your Paysenger Link on other social accounts so people can find you and send paid requests to you.

8. Don’t forget to Connect a Card so you can withdraw your earnings.

Balance page on Paysenger

And how to make money? 

There are many ways to make money on Paysenger. Let’s take a look at a few:

Create viral-worthy content

Post on Paysenger

Paysenger rewards users for creativity. Just like any social network, you can start posting on Paysenger to get views and reactions from users all over the world.

If viewers enjoy your content, you earn EGO tokens for every view, like, and comment that you get. EGO tokens can be used to promote your profile and reach more people, or you can simply withdraw them to your bank account (in the currency of your choice).

EGO tokens can also be used to collaborate with other creators and influencers, so you always keep reaching out to new audiences and growing as a content creator.

Create on-demand content

Paysenger makes it very easy for others to pay you for content. Whether it’s a brand looking to sponsor you or another creator wanting to collaborate, anyone can go to your profile and pay you to create content for them.

Every creator is unique and has their own specific niche in which they specialize.

Profile page on Paysenger

Maybe you like to dance and can record dance videos? Maybe you can create artistic portraits? Or you’re a fitness trainer and you’d like to offer individual fitness plans to your viewers.

All of these can be offered on your profile as single pieces of content. Simply go to your profile settings and then Set Pricing. Start creating offers that are unique to your niche and content style. People will come to your profile and ask you for whatever kind of content you can produce.

Trade NFTs

Posts on Paysenger

Photos, videos, text posts, and audio that you post on Paysenger can all be minted into NFTs. This means that other people can also stake EGO tokens into your creation to support your work financially and to also earn a cut of monetization revenue.

Posts that get traded on an open market also indefinitely pay royalties to the original owner. So everything you post is a potential digital asset not only for you but also for traders on the marketplace. 

Post on Paysenger

As a creator, you not only sell your content as NFTs but can also trade other people’s NFTs to earn profits.

Sell memberships

Blondy Chain on Paysenger

Memberships are a great way to create a steady stream of income every month. For a recurring fee, you can offer members a number of different perks and benefits.

This could be anything from early access to new content to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Members can pledge a monthly payment to support their favorite creators on Paysenger.

Buy membership on Paysenger

Collaborate with other creators

Post on Paysenger

Paysenger is all about collaboration. To produce great content, you always need fresh ideas from other creators and you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Collaborating with others not only lets you get access to someone else’s creativity, but also their audiences. If you have great content ideas that you can’t create on your own, simply work with another creator to bring them to reality. The income earned by posts in collaboration are equally split between both creators.


The internet economy is super complex, and new creators are readily losing the power to make an impact on social networks. Paysenger is an initiative to demonopolize the creator economy, and give the control back to content creators and users.

It’s still in its early stages of growth, so now is a great time to become an early adopter to benefit from high payouts and low competition. The platform rewards creativity and innovation in content creation, so if it's your time to share your talent and expertise with the world.

Sell on-demand content, collaborate with content creators, offer recurring paid subscriptions, find sponsors to work with, and much, much more!

Try Paysenger today on iOSAndroidWeb

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