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The Ultimate Guide to Twitch Stats: How to Analyze and Improve Your Streaming Performance

Jun 30, 2023
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Twitch has created an outstanding roster of celebrities over the years. Recent estimates reveal that Twitch has over 140 million monthly viewers who watch various types of content like cooking, gaming, cosplaying, cosmetic tips, and ASMR. The platform has gone a long way since its gaming-focused era. Now, you can get a lot more views on Twitch but becoming a top streamer is hard because of competition.

However, as long as you keep a close eye on your Twitch stats and analytics, you can grow your channel a lot faster than others. These stats are a goldmine of insights that give you a sense of what works and what needs to be improved. They also help you make data-driven decisions instead of just going with the flow. In this guide, we have covered everything you need to know about Twitch analytics – from why they matter to how you can access and make sense of them.

Brief Overview of Twitch Stats

Twitch stats refer to the various data points and metrics that give insights into your streaming performance on the platform. These stats cover information like number of views, engagement metrics, follower growth, revenue stats, and much more. By analyzing these metrics, you get valuable insights into your audience, track your progress, and plan your next move to improve your streaming content.

Why Twitch Stats Matter?

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As a streamer, you should have a good understanding of where your channel is headed. It will help you keep check on your growth and also optimize your streaming performance. This way, you can discover valuable patterns, identify trends, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about content and strategies you should use to draw more viewers.

Audience metrics

First step is to get a deeper understanding of your audiences and their viewing habits. Some of the most important metrics are:

  • Peak Viewing Hours: With this insight, you can plan your streams to ensure you get maximum reach during peak hours. Let’s say, if your audiences peak at night around 10 PM, you can schedule your next livestream around that time to get maximum coverage.
  • Chat and Audience Engagement: To calculate engagement during your streams, look at chat participation rate, emote usage, and average messages per minute.

If you see any dip in these metrics, you can try something new like starting polls, viewer challenges, or Q&A sessions. It will make your streams more engaging.

  • Audience Demographics: This is valuable information pertaining to your audience’s age, gender, location, and even their preferred language. 

By optimizing your content to the likes and dislikes of your primary demographic, you will increase viewer retention and engagement. Also, you will attract more people who are part of the same demographic.

Performance metrics

While analyzing Twitch stats, there are many metrics that give helpful insights into your streaming performance. Here are some of them:

  • Viewership: Average viewers, peak viewers, unique viewers, and concurrent viewers tell you audience’s size and the performance of your stream.
  • Viewer Retention: Metrics like average watch time, viewer loyalty, and repeat viewerships show you how long viewers watch your stream and if your content is triggering interest.
  • Engagement: These metrics include your chat activity, remote usage, chat participation rate. They give you an idea of how active your viewers are with each other and your stream.
  • Followers: Keeping track of your follower count allows you to understand your channel’s trajectory and performance of your content in drawing new followers.
  • Subscribers: Keeping tabs on your subscriber count and looking at trends as a Twitch Affiliate or Partner can help you measure the outcome of your subscription-based monetization approaches.
  • Revenue Stats: Metrics like donations, bits, ad revenue, and subscriptions help you analyze your income streams. You can use this data to optimize your revenue generation.

Digging Deep Into Twitch Stats

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Define Goals and Key Performance Indicators

Define targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the metrics you want to improve to get the most out of your Twitch analytics. For instance, you can focus on improving your average viewership by 20% in the coming month or to increase your chat engagement rate. You can use third-party tools to get stats from competitors and you can try to achieve similar KPIs. Setting goals helps you track your progress and stay motivated to grow your channel.

Monitor Your Audience Engagement

To gauge how well you are doing with your audience, keep an eye on chat activity, emote usage, and average chat per minute. High level of engagement means your audience is hooked to your streams and enjoying it. Also, observe the type of things that spark the most engagement like Q&As, polls, or viewer challenges. Use them to your advantage in future streams.

Keep Tabs on Viewer Retention Metric

Viewer retention is one of those metrics that you just cannot ignore. It shows you the amount of time your viewers spent on your streams. Study the average watch time, viewer drop-off points, and bounce rates to identify areas where you could be losing viewers. For instance, if viewer drop-off is higher in the beginning of the stream, you need to focus on hooking them in with a stronger opening. If you find out why your viewers leave or stop watching your stream, you can adjust your content, engagement style, or frequency of content you produce to keep them on your channel for longer.

Compare Your Performance to Others

Use competitor analysis to see how you stack up against other streamers who perform well. See how many people watch your streams on average, how quickly your following grow, and how engaged your viewers are. Finally, compare it with other streams in your niche. What can you do better than them to improve your stats?

How to Access Twitch Metrics?

Accessing your Twitch stats is relatively easy. Most of the data is stored in the Twitch Creator Dashboard, which gives you an overview of your channel’s performance. Twitch Creator Dashboard shows you key metrics such as followers, chat activity, revenue, and viewership. It also gives you tools to analyze previous streams, track achievements, and get insights of audience demographics. Aside from Creator Dashboard, there are plenty of other third-party tools to view Twitch analytics. These third-party tools not only give you analytics but also have features like customizable overlays, chatbots, game rankings, historical data, loyalty programs, and so much more. Let’s take a look at some third-party tools below.

Best Analytics Tools for Twitch Streamers

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Twitch Dashboard Analytics

Twitch’s analytics features can be accessed easily in the Creator Dashboard. It shows basic stats such as views over time, new followers, and many other metrics. It is available for free and anybody can use it. It also offers highly precise stats, which only an official analytics tool can offer. While this tool is more than enough for most streamers, you can get still get more features such as detailed competitor and market analysis from third-party tools.


SullyGnome offers a unique perspective on analytics. Instead of looking at your individual stream data, it offers stats on popular games and content (and how you’re performing relative to others) so you never miss out on trends. Most importantly, the platform even gives you insights on the performance of your rivals. You can also use it to set milestones and watch your channel grow over time.


TwitchTracker is a free tool with a simple interface where you can research Twitch channels and see how they’re performing. It also provides stats on popular content, best streamers, and the most watched videos.


Those of you who use StreamLabs for alerts are surely aware that it also provides an arsenal of analytics tools.Some of the key features include alerts, stats of those trigger alerts (like subs, donations, and more), as well as special tools for streamers to increase audience engagement.


StreamElements offers similar analytic tools as StreamLabs but with a slightly different interface. Chat Stats, for example, is a feature that helps you find the most popular Twitch emotes, commands, and hashtags. You can also request a Stream Report, which shows you key stats from your most recent live stream.

Stats from Top Twitch Streamers

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Below, we have compiled a list of top Twitch streamers who showed amazing performance in June 2023, according to TwitchTracker.


Kingsleague had the highest number of views on Twitch with an average of 115,792 people watching their streams in June. They streamed for about 71.7 hours and gained 82.1K new followers. In total, they have 2.70 million followers and 1.09 million hours of watched content. Their highest number of viewers at a single time was 446K.


This streamer is in second place, drawing an average of 28,113 viewers during their 646.7 hours of streaming. They gained 145K new followers and have a total of 1.62 million followers. Their videos have been viewed 2,147 million times.


With 58,325 average viewers and 142.4 hours of streaming, XQC comes in third. He gained 41.7K followers and has a total of 11.9 million followers. His videos have been viewed a total of 525 million times.


This streamer ranks fourth, with an average of 57,157 viewers and 134.1 hours of streaming. He gained 391K new followers and has a total of 5.58 million followers. His videos have been viewed 9.15 million times.


In fifth place, ibai got an average of 60,866 viewers during his 112.2 hours of streaming. He gained 131K new followers and has a total of 13.2 million followers, making him the most followed streamer on the list. His videos have been viewed 3.35 million times.


Tarik is in sixth place, with an average of 46,850 viewers during 173.8 hours of streaming. He gained 57.1K new followers and has a total of 2.75 million followers, as of June. His videos have been viewed 93.3 million times.


In seventh spot, PaulinhoLOKObr got an average of 69,195 viewers during his 66 hours of streaming. He gained 70.5K new followers and has a total of 2.39 million followers. Note that the actual stats might have changed since the time of writing this article. For the most up-to-date stats, you can visit TwitchTracker.

Easy Tips to Improve Twitch Stats and Performance

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  • Create a Consistent Streaming Timeline: Building an audience requires consistency. Stick to a regular streaming schedule so that people know when you will be streaming next.
  • Team Up With Others: Collaboration with other streamers can help you reach their audience and vice versa. Consider hosting co-streams or taking part in co-streaming. It's a win-win situation that will benefit both channels. Collaboration on Twitch can easily be achieved by using a creator platform like Paysenger (more on that below).
  • Get Comments: Seek feedback from your audience. Ask them what they like about your streams, what they would want to see more of, and if they have any ideas.
  • Engage With Your Audience: Connect with your viewers when you are streaming. Reply to their messages, queries, and make a welcoming environment for them. They will keep coming for more when they feel valued.

Common Mistakes in Analyzing Twitch Stats

  • Putting Too Much Weight on a Single Metric: Focusing too much on one metric can lead to tunnel vision and limit you from seeing the big picture. Look at your stats broadly to identify trends and patterns.
  • Neglecting Viewer Feedback: When you ignore viewer feedback, it can create a gap between you and your audience. So, you really need to listen and take their feedback seriously.
  • Being Afraid of Trying New Things: If you do not try different kinds of content, you might miss out on opportunities for growth. It's important to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ideas.
  • Forgetting the Fun Factor: Streaming should be enjoyable for both you and your viewers. Don't get too caught up in the numbers and analytics.

Remember why you started streaming in the first place: because you love it. Let your passion and enthusiasm shine through, and your viewers will appreciate your genuine love for streaming.

How Paysenger Can Help You Grow as a Twitch Streamer

Paysenger Ego Token

Are you looking to grow your streaming stats? While Twitch is a great platform for content creators and streamers, it doesn’t serve as a reliable source of income by itself especially if you’re just starting out. By combining Twitch with a monetization platform like Paysenger, you can sell content to sponsors and fans to fund your career as a content creator. Moreover, Paysenger also helps you grow your audiences since it’s a relatively new platform with much less competition than Twitch. It's hard to compete on Twitch, especially if you're new and on a tight budget. Some of the streaming tools that we have mentioned require a subscription fee as well.

Paysenger helps you monetize your content and get a head start on your journey. Some of its features include:

  • On-demand content: Sponsors or UGC marketers can easily get in touch with you and request you to create content based on their ideas. You get paid each time you complete a request.
  • Tokenized economy: Paysenger actively rewards creativity and has a create-to-earn economy powered by its native cryptocurrency called EGO tokens. If your posts get likes, comments and shares, you earn tokens that can be reinvested to promote your profile or purchase collaborations with other influencers. Tokens can also be withdrawn to your real-world bank account.
  • Paid messaging: Your fans or potential business partners looking to work with you have to pay for your attention on Paysenger. Instead of going through spam, you can easily identify high-value opportunities by adding a paywall to every direct message you receive.

It also offers you many collaboration features that you can use to team up with other streamers. These streamers can help your Twitch stats grow by giving you shoutouts or collaborating with you.


Remember, streaming is not only about the numbers. It's about connecting with your passionate audience, making unforgettable memories, and enjoying every moment. So, do not be afraid to stream with confidence and let your Twitch stats be a source of inspiration on your journey to streaming success. Have a blast and happy streaming!

You can get a head start and access modern monetization tools by joining Paysenger as an early adopter. Paysenger is a rapidly growing social platform designed for creators and streamers. It offers a chance for early exposure and an easy way to monetize your content. Start your streaming journey on Paysenger today!

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