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How to Monetize a Blog By Working Just 4 Hours a Week?

Jul 07, 2023
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Blogging is a powerful way to share your insights, ideas and expertise with a global audience. But it can also be a reliable source of income.

By monetizing your blog, you can turn your passion into a profitable venture that keeps growing indefinitely. In this article, we will explore various strategies to unlock your blog's full revenue potential.

From different monetization methods to common challenges in blogging, we'll guide you through the best practices to maximize your earnings. Get ready to transform your blog into a thriving source of income while staying true to your unique voice while engaging your audiences.

Why Monetize Your Blog?

Website monetization concept

Running a blog comes with its own set of costs. This includes hosting, web design and most importantly content writing costs.

When you run a blog, you can’t be expected to do everything yourself so you’ll also be paying a big chunk to content writers and editors to keep the project afloat.

Monetizing your blog not only makes it more self-sustaining but also earns you extra income. Bloggers all over the world have turned their websites into a writing hobby to serious 6-figure businesses.

Different Strategies to Monetize Your Blog

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There are many ways and strategies that can help you monetize your blog. To maximize their earnings, bloggers use a combination of different strategies to diversify their revenue streams and reach a wider audience.

The best part is that thanks to diversification, you can earn a decent monthly profit even if you don’t have millions of readers.

Let’s take a look at some common methods:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

As a blogger with an established audience, you have access to a large number of people that regularly visit your articles. You can leverage this to help other companies display their products to potential buyers on your site.

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing model. You can promote products and services by recommending them to your readers in your blogs, and posting a link to buy the product. Every purchase made through your affiliate link earns you a commission for the sale.

It is crucial however that you only promote products and brands that truly provide value to your audience, are relevant to your niche, and align with your blog's values and culture.

This ensures that your promotions seem authentic so as not to hinder the blog's growth. Once you've identified the products you want to promote, you can reach out to businesses and apply to become their affiliate. According to an Influencer Marketing Hub research, most affiliates make less than $10K a month because affiliate conversion rates have reduced a lot over the years.

However, there are still very big names in the industry who make 6-figures primarily from affiliate marketing such as John Chow and Pat Flynn. Here’s an example of John Chow promoting an affiliate link of a landing page builder:

Article preview of how to create good landing pages

Still, the goal is not to have multiple sites focused on affiliate marketing. The goal is to have multiple revenue streams and one brand to maximize your returns from your blog.  

Sponsored Content

Red computer keyboard showing sponsored Post

Similar to affiliate marketing, sponsored content offers an avenue for bloggers to generate income by promoting other people’s products. With sponsored content, a company sponsors you to publish content that promotes their product or service, compensating you with a fee.

The sponsored content is either provided by the sponsoring company or you are given guidelines to write content accordingly. It's worth noting that compared to affiliate marketing, sponsored content grants you less control over the content you publish.

It is also important to understand that companies often prioritize blogs with higher traffic when selecting sponsored content partners. Consequently, this may not be a suitable option for you if you are still in early phases of growing your readership.

Here’s an example of a sponsored post:

Article preview on how to use Canva

In this example, Canva, an online graphic design tool, paid thesideblogger a one-time fee to write about their Instagram publishing feature.


Other than affiliate marketing and sponsored content, you can also monetize your blogs by running ads on it. There are various advertisement programs that you can use for displaying ads on your blog site.

Google Adsense is the most common one, and the first that comes to mind when talking about blog posts advertising. Based on the type of content that you post, Adsense displays ads on your blog space to the targeted audience. The revenue that you earn from these ads is primarily based on the traffic on your blogs so it might not be feasible for beginner bloggers.

However, if you have sufficient traffic, it is a great and easy way to earn revenue.

Take Lori Lange, aka Recipe Girl for example. Lori Lange started her blog in 2006, sharing with her viewers over 3,000 recipes. Her blog gets over a million of views each month now and display ads are one of her primary monetization strategies.

This is what a display ad looks like on RecipeGirl’s website.

Article preview on Thai Beef Tacos

Creating and Selling Digital Products

Instead of using your blog as a platform to help other businesses promote their products, you can also leverage your readership to sell your own merchandise. Use your understanding of what your audience loves and create digital products targeted at your audience tailored to your niche. These may include ebooks, podcasts, printables, and other digital products your users might be interested in.

If your readers are interested in your content they most likely will also be interested in buying similar more exclusive content. Take for example Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income, a personal blog he had started in 2008. His blogging career took off when he started selling his notes in the form of e-books. Smart Passive Income now offers paid courses, podcasts, and much more.

Superfans book

Selling digital products is a great way to generate your own revenue. You retain your full creative freedom and your readers don’t find your promotions of other brands intrusive.

You don’t even need a vast following, if you have built yourself a solid reputation and popularity in your specific niche, your readers will be eager to buy your products.

Membership and Subscription Models

Subscription model

Beyond one-time purchases and digital products, another effective monetization strategy for bloggers is implementing membership and subscription models through platforms like Paysenger and Patreon.

These models offer a way to cultivate a loyal community of readers who are willing to pay for exclusive access to your content and additional benefits. By offering tiered membership levels or subscription plans, you can provide different levels of access and perks based on your readers' preferences and needs.

This may include premium content, behind-the-scenes insights, member-only events, exclusive discounts, or personalized requests. Membership and subscription models not only provide a recurring revenue stream, but they also foster a sense of belonging and exclusivity within your community.

By nurturing these relationships, you can deepen connections with your readers, gain valuable feedback, and further enhance your blog's overall impact.

Donations and Crowdfunding

People characters donating money for charity online

Another way to monetize your blog is through crowdfunding and donations. By harnessing the generosity of your audience, you can invite them to directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of your blog.

Crowdfunding platforms provide a space to showcase your projects and invite financial support. You can set goals and offer incentives to encourage contributions at different levels, making your audience active participants in realizing your vision.

Donations offer a simpler option for your readers to express their support. By providing a donation button or link, you enable them to contribute voluntarily, either one-time or on an ongoing basis. Transparently communicating how the funds will be utilized can further motivate donations.

Both crowdfunding and donations rely on building trust and gratitude. Acknowledge and appreciate each contribution, and regularly update your community on the impact made possible through their support.

By fostering a culture of collaboration, you empower your community to be part of your blog's success.

Monetization Hurdles and Creative Blocks: Overcoming Challenges for Bloggers

women blog

Monetizing your blog can be challenging, and there are several hurdles you may face. Here are some of the most common challenges and how to overcome them:

Lack of Traffic

Traffic is a key indicator of your blog’s success. It is also the backbone of almost all your monetization strategies. Low traffic, especially if you’re a beginner, is one of the biggest hurdles that you will have to encounter.

You can overcome this challenge by optimizing your content to attract more audience. Focus on creating high quality content on topics that are trendy or unique. You can also further optimize your posts for search engines, by incorporating relevant keywords, writing meta descriptions, and using descriptive headings.

Creative Blocks

Another challenge bloggers often face when monetizing their blogs is experiencing creative blocks. It can be difficult to come up with fresh ideas for new content. It is important to tackle this challenge head-on.

Instead of waiting for the right time or inspiration, try researching industry trends, seeking inspiration from other content creators, or engaging with your audience to understand the type of content they want to read. In any case, however, do not let it compromise your authenticity and originality.

Balancing Content and Monetization

Balancing content and monetization is another challenge bloggers face. It's important to create content that your readers find valuable while also promoting products and services.

To overcome this challenge, try out different strategies so you can analyze the results of different methods and find the optimal balance through trial-and-error.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your Blog

Blog website on a laptop

To ensure successful monetization of your blog, consider following these best practices:

  • Quality Content: It goes without saying that the success of your blog is based primarily on the quality of your content. Focus on creating and delivering high-quality, engaging content that offers value and entertainment to your audience.
  • Alignment of Monetization Strategies: Choose monetization strategies that align with your blog's mission and values. It's crucial to select methods that seamlessly integrate with your content and provide a positive user experience.
  • Transparency with Readers: Be open and transparent about your monetization strategies. Communicate with your readers and clearly disclose any sponsored content, affiliate links, or other forms of monetization. Building trust and maintaining authenticity are key.
  • Engage and Respond: Grow a loyal following by actively engaging with your readers. Respond to their comments, questions, and feedback. Encourage interactions and create a sense of community on your blog.
  • Track Performance Metrics: Measure your success by monitoring key metrics such as traffic, revenue, and engagement. Utilise analytics tools to gain insights into your blog's performance and identify areas for improvement.

By following these best practices, you can enhance the monetization potential of your blog while maintaining the trust and loyalty of your audience.

Tools and Resources for Monetizing Your Blog

When it comes to monetizing your blog, there are numerous tools and resources available to support your efforts. Here are some essential ones to consider:

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing

Joining reputable affiliate marketing networks, such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, or CJ Affiliate, allows you to access a vast range of affiliate programs.

These networks provide a convenient way to find and promote relevant products or services, earning commissions for referred sales

Sponsored Content Platforms

Platforms like sponsored content marketplaces or influencer marketing networks, such as Cooperatize, IZEA, or TapInfluence, connect bloggers with brands seeking sponsored collaborations.

These platforms facilitate the process of negotiating partnerships and managing sponsored content campaigns.

Analytics Tools

Man viewing website traffic analytics data on tablet computer

Understanding your blog's performance is essential for optimizing your monetization and content creation strategies. Tools like Google Analytics, Clicky, or Matomo offer valuable insights into your audience, traffic sources, conversion rates, and more.

Google AdSense

As mentioned earlier, Google AdSense is a widely-used  and extremely valuable advertising platform that enables you to display targeted ads on your blog. By integrating AdSense, you can generate revenue through ads.

Monetization Platforms

Your success as a blogger depends primarily on your ability to monetize your work. The more money you can earn, the more you can spend on promotion and delegation of content production.

The more content you produce, the more audiences you can attract. So it is paramount to your success that you extract every last penny of monetization revenue from your blog. Monetization platforms help you add additional revenue streams to your mix.


Paysenger app

Paysenger is an all in one monetization tool to support every aspect of your monetization journey. It offers the following features:

Subscriptions and on-demand content

Paysenger allows you to sell subscriptions to exclusive content and features to your followers. This can be on a one-time or a recurring basis.

In addition, sponsors can easily find you on Paysenger and pay you directly to request a paid article. Paysenger collects payments, their request in detail and sends it to you. You get paid for every sponsored request you complete.


Collaborate with other creators to create unique content and increase your views. Instead of cold emailing millions of bloggers, simply go to Paysenger and find a blogger who operates in your industry using the search tool.

Finally, send a request to collaborate and make payment through the platform. If a blogger was hard to get in touch with previously, Paysenger allows you to send them a high priority paid direct message to instantly get their attention.

This really streamlines your growth and networking efforts for the long-run

Affiliate network

Paysenger's affiliate network provides an easier way for you to find businesses that  are suitable for your blog, and to reach out to them to become their affiliate.

Content monetization

Paysenger uses a network of EGO tokens to compensate users for producing high-quality content.

This system allows you to earn money directly from your audiences. Each time audiences read your posts or give a like, you earn EGO tokens that can be easily withdrawn to your bank account.

Social Media Platforms

Managing and promoting your blog across social media platforms can be streamlined using social media management tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Sprout Social.

These platforms allow you to schedule posts, track engagement, and monitor your social media presence.



Blogging offers a fulfilling way to express your creativity and share it with a global audience.

It can even become a full-time career with lucrative potential. However, monetizing your blog can often be a demanding and time-consuming endeavor. That’s why it is crucial to maximize your earnings by creating multiple revenue streams by using monetization tools like Paysenger.

While traditional monetization channels are highly competitive, modern tools provide necessary features to effectively manage brand partnerships, track performance metrics, and optimize your revenue streams. Experimenting with various tools allows you to find the one that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Sign up for Paysenger today, and make your blogging journey easier and more streamlined.

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