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How Much Do Content Creators Make?

Jun 02, 2023
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The use of digital platforms continues to rise with each passing day. We are also witnessing remarkable growth in the number of content creators.  It is because they have billions of viewers online wanting to watch new content. These viewers are not limited to one industry. They're everywhere, including media, entertainment, advertising, marketing, etc.

Yet, a simple question pops up in everyone’s mind. How much does a content creator make on average? Well, this depends on what he or she does and how they attract their target audience. Also, the produced content can be of any type. It can include blog posts, social media posts, films, podcasts, or travel vlogs.

It all depends on how catchy the content is. A good content creator tries to make something motivating. It makes viewers take action, like purchasing, subscribing, or sharing. In 2023, an average US-based content creator makes around $51,000, which can go beyond $90,000. It all depends on the experience, industry and the kind of content.

In this article, we will discuss the average salary of content creators. We will also explore factors determining their income.

Why Has Content Creation Spread Like Fire?

Over the last few years, content creation has risen due to platforms like TikTok and YouTube. This rise has resulted in the birth of new influencers and content creators. They can reach countless individuals with the click of a button. It's now easier for companies and individuals to promote their products or services. And also create more buzz.

At the same time, businesses now understand how important content marketing is. With this, they can attract millions if not billions of viewers. Companies that produce useful content can overcome their competition. They can build relationships based on trust with potential customers. Pursuing this approach will increase traffic. It will also form strong customer loyalty.

What Determines a Content Creator’s Salary?

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The amount of money content creators make depends on a few things. This includes the experience level. Someone working in this field for a long time can make more money than someone just starting out. Another thing is the niche they're working in. Social media or video content experts can make more money than others in the field. So, experience, specialization and a portfolio determine how much a content creator makes. Let’s give you an example of a YouTuber, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. He performs crazy stunts such as staying buried for 50 hours or eating a giant pizza slice.

People love watching his videos because they're entertaining as well as engaging. MrBeast also has a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger. This has helped him make a lot of money - around $54 million! It's pretty amazing. Forbes says that his YouTube channel is very popular, with over 162 million followers. His videos get lots of likes and comments too, which is pretty cool.

Average Salary of a Content Creator Nowadays

Industry experts have estimated that in 2023, a content creator can expect to earn about $44,192 per year. But, this may vary depending on many factors. These include experience, industry, location, skill level and knowledge. Salary might vary between $36,000 to $58,500 depending on these factors. The highest earners are based in the USA who make around $74,500 a year on average.

Journalism, vlogging, social media marketing, or motivational speaking offer a better income. People in this field can earn more than people in other fields. Also, content creation is not limited to video-making. It also includes copywriting, content strategy, SEO, brand strategy and so on.

Let's talk about motivational content creators. They connect with the audience by sharing common societal and personal problems. They give solutions for those problems to people and make a lot of money as a result. Here’s the table giving a rough idea of leading motivational speakers’ annual income.

The table

Industry Wise Salaries of Content Creators

Let’s talk about the salaries that content creators can make based on the industry they work in. Social media content creators earn more than those in journalism or content marketing.

  • The data reveals that social media content creators can make around $44,000 - $72,000 yearly.
  • It depends on how experienced they are and how many followers they have.
  • Marketing content creators can make around $40,000 - $100,000.
  • Digital journalists may make anywhere from $30,000 -  $70,000.
  • It also depends on the same factors as mentioned above.

The Future of Content Creation and Salaries

Well, the future of content creation is quite positive! Demand for competent content creators will further increase in the coming years. As more businesses and people promote their products online, there will be a greater need for high-quality content. This includes things like videos, blog posts, social media posts and more.

It's good news for successful content creators because they will be in high demand. They will also be able to ask for higher salaries or earn more money from their work. Social media platforms are also evolving with each passing day. Instagram used to focus on photos. Now, it has changed its business model to short videos, which it calls “Reels”. This has opened up a new category of content creators who earn thousands of dollars monthly.

How to Increase Your Income If You’re Already Earning a Content Creator

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If you're already a content creator but you are not able to earn more, then there are a few things you can do to increase your earning potential. 

Improve your skills

The first step is to focus on improving your skills and expertise in your chosen field. You should also diversify them by not only being dependent on one skill. You can do this by taking online master classes or participating in workshops. You'll be able to improve your writing, photography, or video production abilities. After this, you can use those skills in your new content and see how your audience responds.

Use the right tools

A lot of new creators just enter the business and start posting content. The conventional wisdom is that the more you post the more you are likely to succeed. This used to be the case many years ago but now the market is a lot more competitive. As more and more people enter the market, the earning potential for each individual goes down. That’s why you need monetization platforms to support your work financially.

Paysenger is a social marketplace that offers a plethora of monetization tools to new content creators. On this platform, you can earn EGO tokens (Paysenger’s native currency) for producing viral content. These tokens can easily be converted into income.

Other ways to monetize your work include:

  • On-demand content: Creators on Paysenger are paid by their audiences and sponsors to create exclusive content. You get paid each time you create content based on someone’s request.
  • Collaborations: Shoutouts, collabs and partnerships are the bread and butter of social media monetization. On Paysenger, sponsors or other creators can easily reach out to you for a paid collaboration for some extra income.
  • Subscriptions: Sell one-time or recurring subscriptions to your fans in exchange for exclusive content.
  • Paid messaging: If you’re a content creator, you probably get bombarded by spam messages. Paysenger uses a paid spam filter where people who really want to get in touch with you can pay to have a real-time chat session with you. You get paid for every message you reply to.


Networking is another important step. It can increase your income as a content creator. So, you must attend industry events and conferences, to connect with other professionals. That way you'll be able to build relationships within the industry. It will also open up ways for you to earn more. You can also network and collaborate with others online by using a content creator platform like Paysenger.

How to Negotiate Your Content Creator Salary

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Content creators get paid by brands and sponsors to promote their products. Keep in mind that negotiating your salary is an important part of being an important content creator. It ensures you're compensated fairly for your work. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of getting a sponsorship package you deserve:

  • Research the industry and the average rate content creators charge for promotions. This will help you have an idea of what range to ask for during negotiations.
  • Know your worth and come to the table prepared to explain the value you bring to the company. In your exchanges, give companies the exact metrics of how much exposure you can bring them if they work with you.
  • Be open to negotiate other aspects of your compensation package, such as gift packages, discount coupons for you and your followers and additional payments for extra services.
  • Be willing to turn down the offer If the other party is unwilling to offer a fair market rate. Don't be afraid while making this decision and explore other opportunities that will pay you fairly.

The Struggles of a Newcomer

You should also keep your expectations in check when you're first starting out as a content creator. You may not earn as much as other seasoned creators. Because they have more experience, skills and a bigger network. The truth is, you’re in for a long ride if you’re starting on popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

These platforms are highly saturated with billions of pieces of content being poured into them every day. Creators who are successful today started early and have been at it for a really long time. To have a fair chance in the beginning, start on a relatively smaller platform like Clubhouse or Paysenger. This will level the playing field for you and get you more exposure in the beginning. Later, you can take your audiences to other networks as well once you have enough income and resources.

How to Earn More Using Monetization Platforms

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The greatest driver for success as a content creator is how much resources, time and money you have at your disposal. Due to competition, the amount of effort required to reach the top is colossal. You can’t rely solely on your earnings from ad revenue from Youtube or wait for your sponsorship “lucky break”.

Monetization platforms like Paysenger and Patreon offer a sure-fire way to grow as a creator by getting paid directly by your audiences. This lowers the risk of getting pushed down by social media algorithms because you become directly responsible for your earnings.

A new player in the market, Paysenger, links content creators with people and businesses looking for high-quality material. In addition, it offers a fair token-based monetization system where creators are rewarded for creativity and your audiences are rewarded for engaging with your content.

Key Takeaways

A content creator should start immediately since this growing field offers many opportunities. Be aware that your earnings as a content creator can vary. To enhance your earning potential, concentrate on your skills and experience.  You can do this by honing your skills and staying updated on the newest trends and technologies.

Better-paid opportunities may come to you after building connections via networking. But most importantly, use the right tools to boost your monetization potential and your ability to make valuable connections through collaboration. Sign up as a creator on Paysenger for free and start monetizing your content. Collaborate with other creators, give sponsors a way to find you and boost your earnings through tokenization.

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