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10 Content Creation Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

May 26, 2023
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A consistent flow of new content creation ideas is very important for any brand's marketing strategy. It makes a brand more relatable and also sets it apart from its competitors. According to Facebook, the average attention span of a user is just 1.7 seconds on mobile devices. This means that if your content doesn’t fully captivate your viewer within those first 1.7 seconds, they will immediately scroll away and you will lose them forever.

To get attention, you must put in extra effort by making entertaining and informative content that is also visually appealing. It’s not about playing tricks – audiences today are highly skeptical and have developed a sixth sense for poor quality content. Which means that audiences must find your content genuinely valuable. It doesn't matter whether you're a blogger, social media influencer or content marketer. 

To help your brand stand out, we’ve made a list of 10 content creation ideas that you can steal and add to your plan. Adopt these ideas to make your brand stand out in a sea of competition.

Importance of Content Creation

When you make content, you’re giving free and useful information to viewers. In simple words, you’re attracting potential customers and retaining current ones through engagement. You’re also adding long-term value to your company. As per the recent data, 40% of marketers believe content marketing is a key component of their strategy. Similarly, 81% say content is their main business strategy. It helps them grow their business.

How to Generate New Content Creation Ideas

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Content creation can be fun if you’re doing it right. Use some of these techniques to come up with ideas without hitting writer’s block:

Research your audiences on social media

As a marketer, it’s your job to always be on the same wavelength as your audiences. Research what they like on social media, which trends they follow, which celebrities they obsess over and so on.

Get your hands dirty

Become a student of your market – follow the same people, watch the same videos and hang out on the same forums as your target audiences. You will eventually get a feel of what kind of content you should be producing to generate real value for your audiences.

Use competitors for inspiration

Create a list of competitors and their content with the most engagement. What makes this content so appealing to your audiences? Study it in detail. Once you identify the X-factor, simply create content that is better than what your competitors have.


You can do it alone or with your team. This works especially well if you’ve already been studying the market and have a good feel for it. Plus points if your team is just as knowledgeable of the market because this will bring a lot of new perspectives and ideas to the table.

10 Content Creation Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Interactive content

Any type of content that encourages the audiences to participate is called interactive content. Quizzes and polls are two great examples. They are fun and engaging for the audience and also give you valuable feedback directly from the community.

User-generated content (UGC)

Urging your fans to make their own content will not only increase brand awareness but also boost engagement levels. UGC can be in any form, including social media posts, reviews or reaction videos. Here’s a guide on how to get UGC from your audiences as a brand.


Infographics visually organize complex information. They help you communicate complex ideas easily to your audience. They're a good way to market your brand. Human brains are wired to notice visual cues more than written and verbal content. People visiting a website spend 10% more time looking at designs than reading text.

Infographics Revenue by industry


Who doesn’t love memes? Memes create a sense of belonging and community. They are literally everywhere. You can use many meme generators such as QuickMeme or ImgFlip’s Meme Generator to quickly create your own memes for free.

Behind-the-scenes footage

Give a glimpse to people about what happens at your company. Share photos and videos from your offices and the lives of your employees. This shows people that you’re real and authentic. It establishes trust in the community.

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Product guides

Product guides or simply video tutorials can educate your audience about your product. They’ll help your customers understand your brand more by giving them knowledge that they didn’t have earlier.


Podcast marketing is a relatively new channel that is becoming more and more popular. According to NeilPatel, 92% of marketers are going to increase their podcasting budget in 2023. You can audio or video podcasts of your content, depending on the audience that you want to target. People who avoid reading long-form text may be more willing to watch or listen to your podcast. You can share your podcast on many platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, or even create short podcast reels for Instagram for people with low attention levels.

Podcasting budget in 2023

Case Studies

Many brands and businesses use customer case studies to promote their success. They’re one of the best ways to show how effective your product is.

Results and Numbers

Check out Fractl’s case study here.


Free webinars are the best way to add low-cost leads into your pipeline. They mostly contain fact-based presentations with lots of material. For example, a business might use a webinar to inform customers about a new product. Even if all of the people who registered don’t show up to your webinar, they still gave you your email which can be used for remarketing. To set up webinars with automated marketing features you can use a tool like BigMarker.

Host webinars your audience will love

Blog Posts/Articles

Blog writing is the most popular way of content marketing. There are different types of blogs that you can use such as listicles, how to guides and FAQs. However, it’s very saturated and you’ll have to invest in SEO to get favorable results. Nomadic Matt is a great example. His blogs tell people about low-budget travel, safety tips and offer product reviews.

Latest from the blog

Challenges Faced by Content Creators

We see content creators sometimes making millions but we never get to see what really happens behind-the-scenes. According to 60% of content creators, the biggest challenge is producing content consistently. This is the only way to establish your brand as a thought leader that is taken seriously in the community. However, if you’re just starting out, you need time, resources and money which come in short supply for new brands.

For example, in order to produce UGC content – the kind of content that gets the highest amount of engagement on social media, you need to source it from users. However, that’s extremely difficult if you already don’t have a trustworthy reputation in the community.

Overcome Challenges Using Content Creation Tools

The Internet is filled with useful tools to help you in content creation. Paysenger is a social marketplace that can help you order content from influencers, celebrities and creators in all niches. This also includes user-generated content. If you still don’t have traction on social media, use Paysenger to order UGC from creators to boost engagement and reach.

The tool can also be used for creating brand partnerships and reaching out to influencers quickly and affordably. For graphic designing and photo editing, you can use Canva. For social media management, use Hootsuite, and for web analytics, use Google Analytics.

Repurpose Content into New Ideas

To make your brand stand out, you’re always looking for ways to create high-quality content. But there are times when you just can’t get over the writer’s block and don’t know what to do next. To have a constant stream of content on all marketing channels, you can use content repurposing to give you some relief. Repurposing will help you scale in terms of audience as well as content amount. For example, if you’ve written a how-to blog, you can repurpose it into a YouTube video as well.

How to Measure Your Content’s Success

Numbers never lie. Use metrics to evaluate your marketing performance across all channels. For instance, site traffic can help you understand how well your content marketing campaigns are performing. Other metrics include user behavior, impressions, backlinks, content shares, keywords rankings and so on. Here’s the list of tools that you can use for these metrics:



Site Traffic

Google Analytics

User Behavior

Google Analytics: Time on Page, Bounce Rate, Pages, New/Returning Visitors


Google Search Console

Content Shares and Backlinks


Keyword Rankings

SEMrush, Google Search Console

However, some types of campaigns such as UGC campaigns could become difficult to measure. Use this guide on how to measure UGC campaign success.

Some Tips on How to Generate Content Consistently

Making high-quality content consistently takes some time and practice. The hardest part is having a constant inflow of new ideas. That’s why you need a content creation strategy that will serve as the foundation of all of your content ideas.

Here are some tips on how to maintain consistency:

  • Use outlines: Instead of working directly on the content, create an outline of what you want to include in the final product. This will organize your thoughts and help you overcome the blank page syndrome.
  • Create a content calendar: For any brand, content creation doesn’t only mean article writing. It entails everything from social media posting, email marketing to podcasts, videos and webinars. Creating a content calendar ensures that you’re prepared in advance and can allocate the right amount of resources to each piece of content.
  • Use a project management system: Spreadsheets are great but they sometimes make it difficult to collaborate. Use a project management system such as Trello or Monday to carry out department-wide collaboration with ease.

Final Word

Content creation for brands can be very tough and time-consuming. But its benefits outweigh the effort. Use all of the content creation ideas laid out in this article and find the ones that work for you the best. Don’t forget about metrics such as website traffic and audience engagement. Metrics help you optimize your offering and grow as a company. The ideas and tips discussed in this article, will level-up your content creation and help you achieve the success for your brand. Good luck!

Use Paysenger to easily source quality content from influencers and UGC creators to always have fresh ideas in your pipeline. Collaborate with other brands, find the most creative content experts for hire and get the most out of your marketing budget.

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